Cloud ERP for

Cloud ERP for

We use high-end technology thinking about your business.
Know everything about your company wherever you are.

We use high-end technology thinking about your business.
Know everything about your company wherever you are.

Discover how to leverage your business with Bluesoft!

With Bluesoft ERP, every day our customers:

generate + 12.700 Purchase Requests
issue + 650.000 tax coupons
realize + 16.200 payments
receive + 13.400 NF-e’s invoices
invoice + 6.700 NF-e’s
audit + 100.000 accounting entries

Bluesoft CLOUD ERP

We know your needs so we know how to help you!

Bluesoft takes care of all the infrastructure, security and backups for you. So you can focus on what’s most important to your business.

More Security

Bluesoft works in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services). Because that, by choosing our Online ERP you will be protected by a system designed and managed according to the regulations, standards and best practices of the market.

24 × 7 access

Without a secure, flexible and always-on network, your business operations are paralyzed. Therefore, Bluesoft ERP Online guarantees a minimum SLA of 99.9% access to your data anywhere and on any device.

Lower Costs

Do more with less! With an cloud ERP, infrastructure costs are reduced. That way, you have all the benefits of secure access at any time and anyplace


Our clients

We are proud to help several retailers evolve every day. Our goal is to enable our customers to have in their hands, anywhere and anytime, data that makes business management simpler and faster, so they can make better and safe decisions.

Our mission is to create extraordinary products that make a difference in people’s lives.

Currently, Bluesoft ERP System serves more than 300 retail establishments in 20 states and more than 520 Companies (CDs, Logistic Operators, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Pharmacies and Service Providers, as well as Holdings and Asset Management).

Every year our clients invoice more than R$ 11 billion reais through our ERP.

Check out some of our customers:

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Mini Preco
Loja Santo Antonio
Sitio Verde

About Bluesoft

We are passionate about technology and, above all, creating solutions that improve our customer’s work. Learn more about Bluesoft, our culture and values.

We know your needs, that’s why, we know how to help you!

What our customers say:

We have been working with Bluesoft for more than 10 years and the most interesting thing about the acquisition was that the ERP already had online information and external servers, as well as the commercial module with information for purchasing management and inventory control. We follow all the technological evolution of Bluesoft ERP, always obeying the installment delivery deadlines required by law, however, at no additional cost. Finally, another interesting point is the opening that we have with the development team, especially always accepting ideas for improvements or reports.

Eduardo Munhoz
Eduardo Munhoz
Mercadão Supermercados.

We know that it is nowadays impossible to collect, organize and process data and at the same time turn it into information with high availability and speed without the help of an ERP. That’s why Bluesoft ERP, today within our company, is like the cornerstone “is fundamental” and provides us with a broad vision. It would say better, it gives us an overview of our business and the daily processes. Through this vision is possible to maintain the growth of the company and to make the management with efficiency and effectiveness, for this reason and for other reasons, we recommend Bluesoft ERP.

Helio Pereira
Helio Pereira
Barbosa Supermercados

The Bluesoft ERP system caused a real revolution in our company. Several processes have been reviewed and we have had an enormous gain in efficiency in the commercial as well as in the operational area. We have a much greater focus on profitability and the control of bankruptcies and, thus, the availability of information online has brought us agility in day-to-day decisions. Therefore, for us Bluesoft ERP is much more than just a system, Bluesoft is our biggest partner in running our business.

Fabio Iwamoto
Fabio Iwamoto
Grupo Chama

Having an integrated management system specialized in our activity, developed by partners who come from our area and allow us to contribute to the improvement, is everything we always looked for. In this way, it is difficult to summarize all the qualities of the tool. With no doubt, its scalability, robustness, availability and usability are the differentials that give us the conditions that we need to continue our expansion. That’s why I say that our partnership with Bluesoft is the MAXIMUM.

Rogério Munhoz
Rogério Munhoz
Atacado Máximo

To be sure, the accelerated growth of Public Pedreira in recent years has only been possible because we run the company in real time with Bluesoft ERP. Because we trust the system so much, we certainly create a dependence so positive that all our decisions are only made based on the information that the ERP provides us. That’s why we recommend the system to all friends and partners.

Felipe Faias
Felipe Faias
Public Superatacado

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